I feel good, we have a good car, so we’ll see.

Although Alex Albon ticked all the boxes in his Formula One rookie season last year.plucked Toro Rosso out of obscurity in the elite and shortly afterwards promoted to the Red Bull team alongside prodigy Max Verstappen.

With these boxes ticked, the second year in the Red Bull senior team will continue to put pressure on the friendly and quiet Thai driver – after all, he has Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly (the man he replaced at Red Bull) waiting for their time at the renamed AplhaTauri just in case Alex slips.

Speaking ahead of the season opener, the Red Bull’s number two driver knows what he needs to do next.

How did you react to the sudden cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix? Alex: Personally I would say that the general feeling of this situation in Australia was obviously very unique, there’s so much adrenaline building up, I think as we go into the winter tests and then have this mental preparation, the whole team has this atmosphere that we are going to race, and everyone is rationalised, and everything is going in an upward direction.I remember sleeping in my hotel that night, and being amplified, it was Friday, it’s FP1 on a street track like Melbourne, you don’t sleep as well, and then that morning I was just having breakfast and they just said ‘we’ I booked you a flight home’, so it’s very strange and it resets you. You feel like ‘what’s my goal? “And you go back, and that was a reset. We were just waiting to get that date which is now in Austria. Now that the restart of the season has been confirmed, I’m happy to start again. My first day back at the factory after closing was like my first day back to school. It was nice after all that time spent racing to finally get back to it.

Back from Australia, what did you do to keep busy while the plans for the 2020 season were in the air? Alex: Coming back to the UK, the first thing was really to make sure, I think as a team we were very careful with the situation. We obviously had a few homes inside the paddock and I think that was the first thing as a team, safety first, so we all really isolated ourselves, and there’s not much you can do about it.It was, very well stayed at home, the first thing I did was talk to the guys at the factory to get some second-hand gym equipment because I didn’t have any at home, and everything was ready to go for a recharge (fitness) but without having an appointment that you just lived just day to day without concentrating too much and keeping motivated was not easy actually.You were just waiting for news and talking with Christian, just getting texts, strange updates of what was going on, but that was it.we’re athletes, so that’s our job, so we always make sure we’re ready at all times, but it was just a strange situation, especially because I haven’t spent that long away from a race seat since I started, which was when I was seven (years old).


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